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NYC Subway YearBook

On a personal note, I Love that this was the Subway car I took with my "Bleeker St" stop listed above.

Improv Everywhere is one of the most wonderful organizations I have come across and their latest project begat the perfect Friday Foto image. A "photography studio was improvised on the 6 Car in NYC and "YearBook Photos" were taken of random passengers. The Improv Everywhere site says "(we) cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places...Improv Everywhere has executed over 85 missions involving thousands of undercover agents. The group is based in New York City." Check out their website here.

along Pebble Beach

A Paris inspired home on the California Coastline. The walls and walls of Carrara Marble are enough to make me swoon.
Thank you, Veranda!

Wall Decals

The idea of adding decor to a wall without the commitment of wallpaper or paint is an enticing one. I am loving these new and improved wall decals I am seeing all over but found a company that has blown me away with it's outrageously creative designs. Check out Blik for affordable and unique wall decals. These can be applied to any wall and later safely removed without incident. Perfect for a growing child's bedroom or those who may have commitment issues. I myself, am starting with the chandelier in black and graduating to the Anise.

Home ReDesign


The fireplace mantel in this front room was wonderful to work off of. While the clients asked that much of their own furniture be used in this Redesign, accessories were brought in as well.


I can only dream of calling this my 'residence' let alone the luxury of it's "Summer Residence" stature now. Stuart Lawson’s pied-à-terre, located in a circa 1900 building in Odessa, Ukraine, overlooks Shevchenko Park along the Black Sea. The crown moldings alone make my heart skip a beat. Thank you Architectural Digest!

Friday Foto

Photo Courtesy of Flickr h.koppdelaney

Arizona Lewis

With perfect wit, the coolest style and a screaming talent for Photography, Arizona Lewis Photography is so much the fun blog. I stalk it daily. Always hoping for the next post, the next series of photographs to pop up. She's the chick you want to hang out with and if I'm being completely honest-- I've tried to replicate more than one of her fantastic outfits on myself.

Eclosion Sofa

"We’ve been seeing more and more furniture items that can fit almost anywhere. From kitchens that can be reduced, converting cupboards to tables for six persons that fold obediently into any locker, it seems that designers everywhere are coming up with new and ingenious methods of making our interiors welcoming and user friendly. “Eclosion” comes from Olivier Grégoire, believed to be one of the most promising young designers in France at the moment. This out-of-the-box inflatable sofa can be shaped in more than one ways by simply maneuvering a strategically placed zipper: release it for extra comfort on your back and simply pull from it to pack the couch back together when you need more space. Although this sofa is currently just a concept, we are looking forward to its launch on the furniture markets worldwide." -via Fresh Home.