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Friday Foto

Courtesy of Flickr

Lunch Box Synopsis

There is actually a woman on Flickr who takes pictures of her filled lunch box each morning, posts it online and adds a clever and often interesting summarize of what it is she will be eating.

Home ReDesign



On a budget the cabinets were kept as well as the white appliances which were in good working order. Adding a banquet, new light fixture and a pop of red on the walls really enlivened this space. A new dinette set was chosen and will be purchased by clients within the month.

the many faces of a Lounge Chair

Finding a chair can mean so many things...

Color Crush

Dear Green,
I have a serious crush on you!
I love the way you brighten my day and bring a smile to my face.
When you are near you invigorate everything around me and make my heart cry for more.
Will you go out with me?
Circle Yes or No

The mixture of colors and patterns on texture here is timeless & flawless.