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My clients sent me the bottom two magazine clippings as inspiration for what they liked to see their new dining room feel like. Since I am designing the kitchen around a modern, cottage feel, I'm thinking the top green paint color for the dining room will be ideal. Vibrant and fun, wrapped into one.

a Kitchen makeover

We are mirroring this newest kitchen construction plan after the gorgeous designs by Poggenpol. Just wait until you see the finished product!

Domino Magazine is my must read for everything UBBER Cool!

I always love me a great, white kitchen but the usage of the creamy basque tiles as compliment to this look is wonderful here and may just need to be reproduced in my own upcoming project.

Every year about this time, I get the itch to re-organize Everything! By going thru clutter, recycling, setting aside piles for DI and making up new files, not only does my life on the outside feel more at peace but so does the inside. There is not much that is more gratifying than a well organized office space. Recently, I shared this welcome experience with a new client and their very neglected basement. After a full day and lots of elbow grease, they too were feeling the benefits of a well organized life style.

Home ReDesign


Bringing the outdoors in even when there's a snowstorm in March

There is a blizzard outside my window. A snow storm! AND it is only a few days until the month of April is upon us. Since I am craving springtime, the Secret Garden tables sang to me. Thai home furniture company Ayodhya’s Secret Garden Collection is bringing nature indoors - without the effort and attention that traditional, live plants require. Each table consists of various types of dried moss beneath a transparent glass tabletop. No green thumb required as the tables do not require watering.

Wallpaper Comeback

In my childhood home wallpaper covered just about every wall in our house. There was the rust colored paper with golden diamond accents that went just half way up the wall in our family room and the violet wallpaper in my own bedroom that had tiny bouquets of white crepe jasmine placed in tiny horizontal lines up and down the wall. There is no doubt that wallpaper is back and I love it! For those who haven't quite warmed to the idea or still believe that painting darker colors on your walls makes your room appear smaller or maybe you are just not quite ready to jump in with both feet to the new wallcovering fad the idea of placing a square of wallpaper on one focal wall framed in a lovely trim work is a brilliant compromise.

Friday Foto

Courtesy of Flickr xiaming