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Friday Foto

Courtesy of Flickr Mr. Theklan


Photo courtesy Contemporist

A modern interpretation of a bay window, the Oriel window was used by the Platform 5 Architects of London. As part of the renovation to a run-down house in the Borough of Hackney the modern structural glass oriel window is lined with cherry wood and projects into the garden, juxtaposing with the Victorian bay window that projects into the street.

Books, books and more books

I LOVE books! I read them, I treasure them, I collect them and now I am looking for a better way to display them in my home. The charm of an old library ladder is inviting, preserved behind glass and lit with regalia another. Stacks and stacks of books in the most unexpected but art-creating space is where I lean most but color coded and then arranged screams "Fantastic!" now, doesn't it?

These are a few of my favorite things...

It seems that a certain someone whose name starts with a R and ends in a ALPH LAUREN can do no wrong when it comes to Sensational Furniture Pieces! I say, "Yes, please!" to each.


A wolf in sheep's clothing? A book judged by it's cover? The exterior of this house is no doubt Lovely but what I found inside took my breath away. Check out more here courtesy of House Beautiful.


This month's Architectural Digest featured 10 Amazing Exterior Make-Overs. Each preserved the natural forms of the existing structure and landscape while bringing to life these homes as a true showpiece. This inspires me to re-define my own home's outer appearance, tummy tuck and nose job not included. Read more Here.

Contemporary Art

I'm working on a Contemporary space and the need for affordable art has been broached. I found this Amazing site that offers Original Modern Canvases in gorgeous designs. It's called M-DC and a Jumbo 58" x 43" ready to hang canvas is only $379. Talk about bang for your buck!

Color Crush

There's a song, I sang as a child... "The Primary Colors are one, two, three--red, yellow and blue." Put them together in design and they just work. Happy, cohesive and always melodic.

Sample Sale

I stumbled upon this fantastic Etsy shop, Gina Michele Vintage . This eco-friendly designer has used bamboo jersey in gorgeous shades of color to create her Collection and is offering her Collection's sample dresses at huge discounts. I purchased one of these gorgeous dresses for myself and it is Wonderful! The fabric is so soft, you feel like you could be wearing your most comfortable t-shirt instead of a gorgeous, one of a kind, designer dress.
Gina Michele's work has been featured in the NY Times and LUCKY magazine.