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Happy Halloween!

10/50 Come in


"Seven UP" chandelier by Tim Baute found here. Simply perfect!

By de-cluttering this bedroom, adding 2 lamps and a re-purposed bench, the room evokes not only the essence of luxury but a perfect retreat for all perspective buyers to revel in. Now staged, I can guarantee this home will not be on the market much longer.

Friday Foto

Courtesy of Siren Lauvdal

Bloom Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue

The email will read...

Dearest Mom,
You MUST buy this chair. At Least 1! Isn't it perfectly fantastic?! I can think of no one else that it would suit better Plus it is in your favorite color! Maybe for your new Office or in the Art Studio-- it doesn't matter. You just need to get it!
Love you!

P.S. Yes, I am living vicariously through you. This is Amazing and I can't wait to sit on the darn thing!

yoko furusho

Amazing, Amazing illustrations done by a Yoko Furusho. Now a professional illustrator/artist, Yoko was born in Tokyo, Japan and later studied in NYC. Her drawings are ethereal, imaginative and filled with the magic of 2D texture. All are done in ink and acrylic. Wonderful!

la bibliochaise

I have stacks of books and so when I ran across the aptly named "la Bibliochaise" by Nobody & Co. Such a clever solution and what a conversation piece this could make. Clever times a hundred, really. Check it out here.

Designing a modern space for an Ikea lovin' guy and this bed came to mind. The price is unbeatable and the finish is available in chocolate and caramel --we'll do chocolate.

Wallpaper me

Completely obsessed with Wallpaper right now! My own bedroom fell victim first to this latest obsession and now I am on to the entry bath...Watch out Kitchen you're next! Not a single surface is safe in my house.

Friday Foto

Courtesy of Flickr delightbydesign

All the Best Blog

Via "All the Best"Blog... "The Kestenbaum's workers began demolishing La Ronda at 8:00 a.m. this morning. Wasting no time, they ripped into the walls of the 80-year old National Register - eligible mansion with alarming speed and blithe regard for the impact of their actions. By week's end, the house will be gone. The deafening sound of cracking timbers and crumbling masonry could be heard above the din of news helicopters flying overhead." (Sad New via Shared via AddThis)


some ingenious ideas for all those books stacked around my house...

Benefits of Staging

Sell Fast.

Sell High.

Sell Smart.

Have you ever worked out the cost of selling your home and moving? Imagine if you put only a small fraction of that amount into improving what you already have. Most often we hear~ "I can't afford to stage my home." You can't afford not to. In this economy and the buyer's market that it is, the average house will stay on the market for 60-90 days before receiving an offer. In that time, the average price reduction is $8,000 and as high as $10,000 in August of 2008*! According to, a leader in home staging services, statistics show an average of a 3% minimum increase in final sales price on homes that had been staged, versus those who had not. On a $300,000 home, that's a $9,000 increase-and well worth the home staging fees.

Friday Foto

UNBELIEVABLE images entitled, "Asylum" by Christopher Payne via Dwell.