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HOME ReDesign offers Interior Redesigns, Real Estate Staging, Organizational Overhauls, Floor Plan Design & Drafting Services and Holiday & Event Decorating.

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Organizational Overhauls
Floor Plan Design & Drafting Service

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masterful way of making a seemingly unusable space usable.
Holiday & Event Decorating is available at affordable rates from Home ReDesign!

$100 One Day ReDESIGN!!!

Home ReDesign is offering an UNPRECENDENTED SPECIAL OFFER for a $100.00 One Day ReDESIGN! For a Limited Time receive this incredible interior design service! You get an Interior Designed home for a fraction of the cost! One Day ReDesign renews a client's living space by repurposing your existing furnishings and accessories to create a beautiful, well-designed home. Our Interior Designers work closely with each client to create a design plan that works with you and for you. Color, fabrics, furniture placemant and inspired groupings that use pieces both new and yours will rejuvenate your space in just one day! This $100 offer includes the 2 hour $55.00 Design Consultation for 1 room over 1 day. Additional rooms and hours/days will be charged $20 per hour during this Special Offer. Cost of any decorative items used, paint, furniture or accessories is charged directly to client with pre-approval.