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HOME ReDesign offers Interior Redesigns, Real Estate Staging, Organizational Overhauls, Floor Plan Design & Drafting Services and Holiday & Event Decorating.

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Friday Foto

masterful way of making a seemingly unusable space usable.
Holiday & Event Decorating is available at affordable rates from Home ReDesign!

$100 One Day ReDESIGN!!!

Home ReDesign is offering an UNPRECENDENTED SPECIAL OFFER for a $100.00 One Day ReDESIGN! For a Limited Time receive this incredible interior design service! You get an Interior Designed home for a fraction of the cost! One Day ReDesign renews a client's living space by repurposing your existing furnishings and accessories to create a beautiful, well-designed home. Our Interior Designers work closely with each client to create a design plan that works with you and for you. Color, fabrics, furniture placemant and inspired groupings that use pieces both new and yours will rejuvenate your space in just one day! This $100 offer includes the 2 hour $55.00 Design Consultation for 1 room over 1 day. Additional rooms and hours/days will be charged $20 per hour during this Special Offer. Cost of any decorative items used, paint, furniture or accessories is charged directly to client with pre-approval.

One Day ReDesign

This client's living room was sadly out-dated and the fuchsia colored walls did not help nor did the floral sofa set. What the space did have going for it? A number of windows, lovely beams on the ceiling and a fireplace that was forgotten in all of the excess. We started by taking down the old curtains to let in the natural light, painted over the pink walls with a lovely natural color and with the client's firm request purchased a budget friendly sofa and matching chairs for the room. The space was then de-cluttered. Groupings of the client's own treasures were maximized and art work was paired down to a few key pieces that were then placed in more substantial frames. The fireplace was made the focus of the room as prepared in the design plan and the room perfected in just one day! An interior designed room at a fraction of the cost! Wonderful!
I've been busy scowering the www for new and fabulous ideas for the Christmas trees we do each year! I can't wait to bring a few of these new ideas into fruition! Golden glimmer, peacock feather adornment... we have a wonderful Seasonal Sale going on now!

3 Great Holiday Wreaths

Cost effective evergreen wreaths from your local Costco can be beautifully adorned with silk ribbon bows and hung in twos at your grand entrance.

Combine magnolia leaves, berries and pine cones with unusual vegetables, like artichokes, for a nature-inspired Christmas wreath. Image courtesy of Kristalyn Naylor, the Gathering Place Design.

Classic ornaments in a variety of sizes are used to create a festive and bright front door wreath. Gold ribbon provides the perfect contrast to the shiny red glass balls. Design by RMS laurabruen.

Favorite Winter Color Schemes

Winter White

Deep Pink
Golden Glimmer

Holiday & Event Decorating

Have your halls decked by our Interior Design Professionals this Holiday Season for an unbelievable $10 per hour! From tree decorating to mantle decor, dining table settings and festive living spaces created your home will be inviting and warm and a lovely place where memories will be created!

Most are familiar with Louis Weisdorf's "Golden Conch" aka "Kongkylie Hanging Lamp" but his designs for hanging lamps are numerous and offer so much to the design world. "Model 177" is among my personal favorites.

Spookalicious design elements

Crow Mobile @ Pottery Barn kids

It's Fall!

My favorite season of all year is here and already my thoughts are turning to our Dining table and Turkey Day! I'm feeling simplistic and clean this year... Check out our "Holiday & Event Decorating" link for more information on how we can help you with your holiday decorating.

FlynnKrista Design Plan

My newest project is this new construction build. The footings went up last week. Drafting the plan from the ground up to the interior design plan, this home is going to be beautiful. The clients are very receptive to my ideas and the lot is large and ideal. In fact, they have also commissioned me to continue with the landscape design as well. I will continue to post as construction continues.

Whatever your dreams may be, we look forward to taking them to the next level with you!

Home ReDesign offers complete drafting services. Beginning with a $55 Design Consultation we will go over your project from top to bottom. Measurements will be taken, pictures and your design needs and . We can be offer you a wide range of residual drafting services to bring your ideas to life. It may be as simple as a master bedroom addition, basement renovation, new kitchen or an entire home design. We simply want to help you build your project by providing high quality design options at an affordable price.
By stripping the dated wallpaper border and adding a fresh coat of robin egg blue paint the bathroom in this older home is rejuvenated allowing buyers and agents alike to see it's potential.

A most worthy cause!

My dearest friend and her family are in need of our support! Please take a moment to join the Facebook page here and read their story here! Thank you!

My clients sent me the bottom two magazine clippings as inspiration for what they liked to see their new dining room feel like. Since I am designing the kitchen around a modern, cottage feel, I'm thinking the top green paint color for the dining room will be ideal. Vibrant and fun, wrapped into one.

a Kitchen makeover

We are mirroring this newest kitchen construction plan after the gorgeous designs by Poggenpol. Just wait until you see the finished product!

Domino Magazine is my must read for everything UBBER Cool!