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With great pieces and warm color choices this room need only be tweaked. Positioning the furniture conversationally and accommodating a natural traffic flow, this space was redesigned to it's full potential.

Super Great Idea!

Artecnica launched this product back in 2008 as part of their Artecnica Wiremore™ collection, a series of electrical products aiming to change power cords and wires from "concealed, passive objects into visible, active elements that aesthetically and functionally energize living and working spaces". [via dezeen] The one I love is Joris Laarman's "WirePod." It is a flexible gray power pod that begins with a three-prong plug and branches out into four curled arms, each with a single three-prong socket. Its arms and body roll and unfurl as needed to adjust for your functional living space.
Material(s): Thermoplastic rubber
Dimensions: Power Cord 12.5-feet; Rolled Up W 18.9" L 28.9" D 1.9"
$330.00*, Buy it here.
*yes, that is a lot of money for an extension cord but I didn't say I bought one, just that I loved the idea ;)

Create a dramatic impact with Black Furniture against a vibrant colored wall.