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Organizational Overhauls
Floor Plan Design & Drafting Service

Vaughan Designs Leaf Wall Lighting

Gorgeous lighting with natural elements.

Jackson family vacation home Design Plan

Jackson Vacation Home

The design plan is coming to completion as construction moves into the last phase.


an accent in sunshine

Pictures courtesy of Coco+Kelley

Jackson Vacation Home

I have been commissioned to design and decorate the Jackson's new condo in Batanga, just outside of Manila. Last time we were there my mind raced with the possibilities of this blank canvas and Becky, too, was full of visions. The kitchen is to be completed renevated, a bathroom gutted and revamped, all the wall painted, new furniture, room dividers and dark teak beams put up on the vaulted ceilings.

Hanging pictures

Hanging pictures on bare walls can be intimidating and then there is the whole issue of where and how to arrange the pictures once one is brave enough to nail a whole in the wall.
There is the option of a completely symmetrical arrangement; five pictures across, three down two on top of two on top of two. Another option is to scatter the frames in size and shape creating a random grouping. I figure that as long as your framed works are that of people you love, places you dream to be and art that inspires you can never go wrong.

Yuento Music Balloon

It's not really a balloon, it's a plug in speaker for your iPod from Yuento. Simply plug in and play. This sponge foam speaker reminds us of 80's TV presenter microphones and will happily sit on a desk or hanging out of a pocket while you play your tunes or check the latest podcasts. Now you can cycle without headphones, irritate people on the bus and tube and share new music with friends without untangling headphone wires.

Design Consultation

A Design Consultation consists of a personal interview with the client(s) and designer. This meeting will cover the needs and desires of the homeowner, explore the design style of the homeowner and explore the space to be designed. We will address any concerns, evaluate the space and discuss the services that will be performed. Measurements will be taken and a detailed listing of the furnishings and accessories the client would like to repurpose will be completed. Cost of this Consultation is $55.00. Consultations take between 1-3 hours.
A lovely kitchen design inspiration for F&K's new home. The industrial hood and large window are high priorities in the design plan I am currently creating.

Hans Wegnert

Today I fell in love....again. It's an affliction I have suffered with for as long as I can remember--that of falling in love with ease. I believe Christopher Reeve as Superman started it all and now Hans Wegnert has me at "The Chair!" Awesome!!!