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Suzy said...


This is Suzy (Davis) Taylor, Lisa's little sister.

I have seen all the work you have put into the silent auction site for Carol. I am so amazed and grateful for you doing that.

I had an idea and I thought I might see if you might know how to do it?

I have been following this blog for awhile now.

I was thinking about how there is that cute little button for "Nie Nie" that people can copy and paste on their blog and it can then link to either a paypal account, or an auction site, etc.

I have been reading about how much people have been donating to her cause, and was wondering if something like that could help more to get the word out about Carol.

Do you know how to design (or know someone) that could design a link like that? I think it would be so neat to be able to post that on our blogs and tell all our friends to put it on their blogs, and so on... I thought it could be a design that represents Carol...and you know her better than me so I thought I would ask you.

If you have any questions let me know. I hope that makes sense?



Suzy said...

I got your message. Thanks so much for doing that! I saw the button on her auction site. Another person made one that I eventually found on a different blog, so there are two of them out there! I was just hoping for a way that people could spread the word even more. I know it will help. What you have done for Carol is amazing! Thanks again!